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Anyone can sign up to become a Gfresh referrer. It’s easy and quick to get started.

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Invite your contacts to get $100 per qualified signup and $900 after their first transaction.

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What’s Gfresh?

Gfresh is the largest online, seafood marketplace. We connect global seafood sellers to buyers in Asia. Our integrated cold chain logistics, Gpay escrow system, customs clearance and inspection system makes selling seafood fast, simple and free.

When I refer someone, what do they need to do?

New sellers can sign up through your referral link, or simply go to to sign up using your referral code. You can also sign in to your account on, and personalize an invitation template to share with your friends.

What kind of sellers can I refer?

The seafood sellers described here include Live, Fresh and Frozen seafood exporters, producers, distributors, and trading companies, with capability to sell to China mainland, Hong Kong, Korea and other Asian markets. Please note the seller you refer must be export certified to sell on Gfresh, and be part of the referral program.

How do I get paid?

When you refer a new seafood seller, you will earn $100 for every seller who signs up with and is qualified by Gfresh. Plus, you will receive $900 after the first transaction is completed by the seller you referred. The bonuses earned will be recorded in your Gfresh account. You can request to redeem the referral amount to your bank account.

What if they don’t use my link or referral code?

Make sure they use your referral code or link to sign up or you won’t receive your referral bonus.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a referral code, which is your unique ID. You’ll also receive a link that you can cut & paste into emails or messages

Is there a limit to referral bonuses I can earn?

There is no limit

Feel free to email us if you have any question